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In the past, sexual abuse victims who sought money damages have had to hide their pain and shame as the courts were basically closed to them. Victims were told that the abuse really did not occur, or that if it did you could not talk about it as it would bring shame on you and the family, or you were not really injured because of the abuse, or you waited too long to do anything about it, and perhaps the most damaging reason, no one would believe you.

I would like to state today all victims of sexual abuse can seek monetary recovery for the abuse against their offender or others. However, that is not the case. Many obstacles still remain for sexual abuse victims to file a lawsuit against the responsible parties. Unfortunately, for some sexual abuse victims the door to recovery is still closed.

However, today many victims of sexual abuse have the right to bring an action for money damages against the offender and in some cases against others responsible for the abuse. If criminal charges are being sought, one can contact the local police department as soon as possible.

However, to determine whether a victim of sexual abuse has a valid case worthwhile to pursue it in court for monetary damages, the selection of the right attorney is paramount.  When looking for the right attorney, the standard should not be one that one chooses for an automobile accident or a divorce, or even a criminal case.  You should consult an attorney who has the experience, knowledge, and understanding of pursuing a civil case in court for money damages arising from sexual abuse and who has the highest ethical standards and who you can talk to in confidence.  As explained below, I would be honored if you would consider my office as your attorney.

I handle all cases personally.

I am the only attorney responsible for your case and one that will interview you, go to court on your behalf, and answer any questions you may have. After a short telephone conversation to see if I think you may have a viable case, I would be happy to travel to your home or where you feel comfortable to talk about you and your case in detail.  I carry malpractice insurance to protect you if any errors are made by my office.

I am very easy to talk to and everything that is said between us is confidential.

At our first meeting, you will discover that it is very easy to talk to me about everything. I really am interested in what you have to say and will not make any personal judgments over your conduct.  Everything you tell me or show me remains completely confidential and I will never disclose anything without your express permission.  I have conducted hundreds of interviews with victims of sexual abuse. I have interpreters who work with my office who also are under a duty of non-disclosure.

I take all cases on a contingency fee basis.

Attorneys generally operate on a contingency fee, hourly basis, or lump sum. Under the written agreement the client and I will agree to, I operate on a contingency fee basis which means the client does not pay me any monies whatsoever if we lose the case or if the case is dismissed. If the client decides to discharge my office from representation and recovery is eventually made, my office is entitled to recover the reasonable value of my services and costs advanced.

I have the experience to handle sexual cases for money damages.

The law regarding recovery of damages based on sexual abuse is very complex. The major issue has been the statute of limitations, which is the time from when the abuse occurred until the case is filed. The law presents many changing obstacles as to whether a case can even be filed when the abuse occurred many years ago and even if the abuse occurred only a year ago.

I have been the responsible attorney for numerous sexual abuse legal cases. Recovery on the cases has varied from zero to over thirty million dollars. I know the law regarding sexual abuse cases having been involved in changing the statutory law in California regarding the statute of limitations. I am also experienced in bringing in to the case all the persons and entities responsible for the abuse. I have also been involved in several California and Federal cases concerning sexual cases which have changed or discussed California and Federal laws regarding sexual abuse. I have also written several legal articles regarding sexual abuse laws in California which have been published in various legal journals. I have also lectured in front of several organizations regarding California sexual abuse laws. I am a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, State Bar of California, as well as the National Crime Victim Bar Association. 

I have a strong background in legal ethics

Many attorneys place legal ethics on the bottom of their list of what is important. I believe that being ethical especially when it comes to conduct between the attorney and the client is one of the highest obligations an attorney has. I am honored to have been selected by the State Bar of California to be a member of the Committee on Professional Responsibility which drafts rules of conduct between the attorneys and between the clients. I have also been a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Ethics Committee and the Beverly Hills Bar Association where I served as editor of the Beverly Hills Bar Journal. I have also written several articles regarding legal ethics which have been published in various legal journals. 

I have been honored to be appointed by the Courts as a judicial officer.

Because of my judicial temperament and knowledge of the law, I have been appointed at various times by the Los Angeles County Superior Court as a judge pro temp where I heard and decided hundreds of cases. I was also selected as a Juvenile Court Traffic Court referee where I decided hundreds of cases involving juveniles.  I was also appointed an arbitrator by the court to hear hundreds of civil cases involving personal injury.  I am also a member of the State Bar of California Attorney Fee Dispute Committee where I hear fee disputes between attorneys. I also am an arbitrator under FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) for hearing cases involving security issues.